Achieving Success

Lead Buddy™ is only as successful as the quality of the service providers' products and services they deliver, based on the relevant leads we generate.

It is therefore important that you, as the service provider, are 100% responsive to the leads we generate, and that your prices, services and products are market-related and competitive enough to be successful.

Remember - the leads we generate are in fact people who are actively searching for the products or services you have to offer. They want satisfaction as quickly as possible, as well as a price that is competitive compared to the market standard.

Easy Steps To Follow?

Here are a few easy steps you can follow to ensure you close the leads we generate;

- If you do not meet clients face to face, you need to appoint someone who are willing to do so. Certain products and or services can be quoted electronically, but for other services people feel safer to move ahead if the service provider is willing to meet them face to face before quoting.

- If you cannot always answer your phone or don’t have a landline number that is manned by a dedicated sales person, you should appoint one. Alternatively, you can use our Virtual Personal Assistant solution at an additional R500 per month. You will always have someone available to answer phone calls immediately, send you the details via email, as well as reply to incoming email leads.

- If your services or products are not market related in terms of pricing, trending interests, products, services and competitiveness, you can get us to do research for you. We will supply you with the needed facts in order to adjust your pricing, services and products if and when necessary. We offer market research services at R2,000 per case, client or niche.


How Lead Buddy™ Works

  • Step 1 Get in touch and complete a quick online questionnaire that will help us identify your specific lead generation requirements.
  • Step 2 We go to work immediately. We send you a "min 20 - 30 leads per month guarantee" quote. You only pay per month no long term contracts.
  • Step 3If you are happy with the quote, you make payment and we start to send you leads almost instanly. We send you as many leads as you can handle over and above the min leads guaranteed!