How Our Pricing Works?

We start by providing you with a "Get 20 - 30 leads guaranteed pm quote". This is customised acording to your specific niche and competetion.

We also look at the monthly price for leads on a monthly basis to determine if we should decrease or increase the monthly price for leads, depending on various market factors like new competition, seasonal trends, and more.

Should we need to decrease or increase your monthly price for leads, we will communicate this to you, and only implement the new cost should you agree with the new lead pricing.

The Services We Offer?

Our services include the following;

- Continuous optimising of different advertising channels to ensure you get the best quality leads.
- Keyword research to identify best possible keywords that lead to the highest ROAS (Return on Ad Spend);
- Advanced bidding techniques that run every 30 minutes to ensure the lowest possible price per lead;
- Portals Creation according to your niche, focusing on a user experience that leads to more leads;
- Graphic Design, as needed, for logos and other artwork to help people trust our lead generation portals.

The above services are only a few of the main points we focus on; there are many other day-to-day tasks that we take care of, which contribute to Lead Buddy’s success.

Third Party Software and Costs?

In order to ensure the best results for our valued clients, we make use of very expensive 3rd party software and tools.

One of our tools we rely on is Call Tracking software, which enables us to measure every phone call that is generated by our efforts to you, the client.

Our call tracking software also enables our clients to have better quality control, as well as in-depth market insights as to what advertising methods works best.

How is Lead Buddy™ Different?

The difference between us and other online lead generation services is that you have NO FINANCIAL RISK at all.

With us you Only Pay for leads, and that means QUALITY RELEVANT LEADS for your business.

How Lead Buddy™ Works

  • Step 1 Get in touch and complete a quick online questionnaire that will help us identify your specific lead generation requirements.
  • Step 2 We go to work immediately. We send you a "min 20 - 30 leads per month guarantee" quote. You only pay per month no long term contracts.
  • Step 3If you are happy with the quote, you make payment and we start to send you leads almost instanly. We send you as many leads as you can handle over and above the min leads guaranteed!